On November 21, the Department of “Law” organized and held a round table on the topic: “Actual problems of the use of a fine in Kazakhstan.” The purpose of this event is to determine the actual problems of the use of a fine, to eradicate and prevent offenses, and to observe the public order among students. The head of the administrative practice department of the Semey Department of Internal Affairs, police lieutenant colonel Zholamanov A.M.
A law enforcement officer in his speech spoke in detail about the types of administrative penalties imposed by the court for offenses. In the framework of the topic “Actual problems of the use of a fine in Kazakhstan”, the following students delivered reports: Dyusenbaeva Zhuldyz, F-31; Zhumagulova Diana, gr. J-32; Tleuberdinov Arhat, gr. J-32; Atambekova Anelja, gr. J-22, Sayatov Mukhtar, gr. J-41.

The problems considered by the speakers during the round table were no less relevant and interesting, which caused an active discussion among the participants of the round table and attention.     Following the results of the round table, the participants came to a general opinion on the expediency and necessity of observing the rules, state laws in the society, which guarantees a certain order in the country.Our   Motherland will be even stronger, because its future is today’s youth.