On November 16, at the Kazakhstan Innovation University, an English language competition was held among pupils in city schools.

The purpose of the competition was to identify the level of English language students, attracting potential students to the specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages”.

The English Olympiad was held in 2 rounds: Round 1 included computer testing, Round 2 – a conversation on the communication-oriented topic “My future profession”, testing students’ analytical and creative abilities. In the first round (qualifying), traditionally, participants were offered assignments for knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Round 2 was the main one, since the main purpose of learning a foreign language is the development of communicative competence. The result of the finalists of the Olympiad consisted of the results of two rounds.

Graduates of Secondary School No. 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 18, 31, 27, 47, 17, 29, Prigorodnaya Secondary School, choose a  future profession and speak about it in English.

The jury consisted of university professors who completed internships under the Bolashak program in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The best results on the results of two rounds were shown by pupils of secondary school №7, 31.

The certificate for the occupied 1st place was received by Zhelpakov Serzhan (secondary school №31, English teacher Iskakova AK), 2nd and 3rd place were shared by secondary school № 7 Ruzanova Maria and Atanova Alina, teacher of English Kibatbaeva M.V.