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  1. General provisions

1.1. The Department of marketing and advertising (hereinafter – the Department) was established for the purpose of professional orientation of graduates of educational institutions, providing them with Advisory assistance in professional self-determination.

1.2. The division reports to and receives orders, instructions, work orders and instructions from the President of the University.

1.3. Отдел осуществляет профориентационную деятельность среди учебных заведений, организаций города и региона.

1.4. Resolves issues within authority.

1.5. Начальник отдела назначается на должность и освобождается от должности приказом Президента вуза.

1.6. Is guided in its activities by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education, the Charter of the University.

1.7. The Department structure includes a chief, specialists responsible teachers for vocational work at the departments, student activists.


  1. The main functions of the Department

2.1. Organization of vocational guidance work among pupils of educational institutions, the population of the city and the region.

2.2. The direct provision of effective interaction of the University with educational institutions, organizations, advertising companies, city and region.

2.3. Involvement in career-oriented work of employees and students, and youth groups. The organization of the work group of student marketing.

2.4. Development sketches promotional products and their proliferation.

2.5. Statement to the media in the framework of the advertising company in conjunction with the departments. Organization of visiting of the receiving company in the regions.

2.6. Организация совместно с проректором по воспитательной работе и кафедрами «Ярмарки выпускников» с приглашением представителей организаций, учреждений, фирм – потенциальных работодателей.

2.7. Проведение исследования рынка труда, анализа потребности специалистов в регионе совместно с деканатами и кафедрами.

2.8. Analysis of promotional activities of other organizations of education regarding career guidance.

2.9. Organization of work of the admission Commission of the University. Proposals for appointment of candidates as Executive Secretary and technical secretaries of the admissions Committee.

2.10. The adoption of various and not contradicting the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan measures to establish a positive image of the University.

2.11. Constant updating of knowledge and improving the skills needed for quality performance of assigned functions.

2.12. Maintaining accurate and complete records of all costs for activities related to the performance of tasks.
2.13. The adoption of measures to prevent and punish unauthorized disclosure and use of information constituting a commercial secret of the University.

2.14. Representation of interests of University in all organizations and enterprises, establishment of links with institutions, organizations, employment center.
2.15. Active participation in events held in the city, the region (the Olympics, sports tournaments).

2.16. Conduct survey among school students on the subject of choosing a future profession.
2.17. Conduct trial testing of graduates of schools and colleges.

2.18. Further development of joint enterprises-partners of the program “Narbota 2020” in order to support students from low-income families. Holding the data among the students of the competition for the awarding of grants or benefits in payment for training under the program “Narbota-2020”.

  1. Right

3.1. Make suggestions on improving work-related duties.
3.2. To interact with University staff, external organisations in the framework of its competence.

3.3. To request and receive in full from the departments the necessary information to perform the assigned functions.
3.4. To submit to the President of the University, rectors of analytical reports and memos on issues relating to the competence of the Department.

3.5. To participate in any one of structural divisions of the University to discuss and decide issues relating to the activities of the Department.
3.6. Has signing authority (sight) in documents within the competence of the Department.
3.7. Regular staff part-time teaching.

  1. Responsibility

Responsible for:
– efficient and high-quality career guidance;

– improvement of results of annual admissions;
– conscientious and responsible performance of each teacher and staff member of the University career guidance, implementation of the plan of acquisition;

– timely and qualitative execution of orders of the President of the University and of the responsibilities entrusted to the Department;
– rational use of entrusted material and technical resources;

– compliance with internal regulations, safety and fire safety.