November 3, 2016 the students of the course 2,3,4 specialty foreign language, two foreign languages CVU Semey together with the teacher Dosalovoy GS visited the Museum of Fine Arts Nevzorovs. Semipalatinsk Museum of Nevzorovs of Fine Arts, founded in 1985, holds one of the most important collections of art values in Kazakhstan. The collection contains more than 3,500 exhibits, representing the art of pre-revolutionary Russia, the Western European painting and engraving art of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries of the 20th century.
The tour led Rekida Museum Researcher IM She led the tour in English.
In this museum, students oznokomilis painting the late Middle Ages (16-18 centuries), and rare works of famous artists of the 18-19th centuries. The students admired the works made in 70-80th years of the 20th century and were surprised by the variety of the exhibits, most fascinated exposition collection of works by national artists and craftsmen. The students expressed their gratitude to the staff of the museum for an interesting excursion.