Buhaeva Anar Argyngazynovna

Doctor of Political Sciences, Vice-Rector for social and educational work

buhaevaV 1995, she graduated from East Kazakhstan State University majoring istorik- analyst.
Educational activity began in 1998 in the State Financial Institute at the Department of natural-humanitarian disciplines in the city of Semipalatinsk.
In 2005 she defended her thesis on the specialty 23.00.02- Political institutes, ethnopolitical conflictology, national political processes and technologies on the theme “Problems of the formation of national identity in the Republic of Kazakhstan: political analysis.” In 2012 she defended her doctoral thesis on “Ethnic identity as a factor of integration and consolidation in the Republic of Kazakhstan”
In 2006, the Academic Council of the Kazakh Finance and Economics Academy, was elected head of the Department of “Social and humanities and law.” Organizational skills are expressed in a cohesive and creative work of the department. During her superintendence 2 people defended his thesis, 1 doctorate and are now leaders, deans of universities in the city of Semey.
Annually takes part in various international republican scientific conferences and seminars (Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia). He has authored over 60 scientific publications in leading journals of national significance, the author of the textbook “Introduction to Ethnopolitology” recommended by the Omsk State Pedagogical University. The author of the monograph “Interethnic harmony as the company consolidating factor” is practiced in the field of ethno-political science. Buhaeva AA has leadership experience Educational and Scientific Center of Sociological Studies (UNTSSI). Under its beginning undertaken a number of scientific and theoretical research within the university and outside it for a variety of issues of political, economic and social development.
He is a member of an advocacy group of the city to explain the main provisions of the Address of the President to people of Kazakhstan. Under her leadership, and her organization were held conferences, round tables and seminars.
Since 2011 is the coordinator KazFEA (CVU) to implement the program “Tempus IV in Kazakhstan” in the project “Student government and democratic participation in Kazakhstan.”
For active participation in the information and propaganda work to explain the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the contribution to the strengthening of political stability was awarded a diploma of Akim of East Kazakhstan region B.M.Saparbaeva (2010). For participation in advocacy and active citizenship was awarded a diploma of Deputy Akim of East Kazakhstan region T.Tusupbekova (2010). For active and fruitful participation in the political life of the city and support selected countries in the course of an economically stable country and the welfare of every citizen, received an appreciation letter from the Chairman of the National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan “Union” Atameken “in Semey. Iskakov B. (2011). For his achievements in teaching methods and educational work was awarded a diploma of akim of Semey (2013).

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