The Department of Business and Management on September 7 held the intellectual game “Entertaining Accounting” among college students, conducted as part of the implementation of the Ruhani Gengyru program and the celebration of Accountant’s Day at KIA.

          The aim of the game was to promote the development of intellectual and cognitive skills of students, their creative activity and the promotion of their specialty, as well as testing the participants for knowledge of basic economic, financial terms in the state, Russian and English languages. The participants of the competition were:

  1. Semey financial and economic college named after R. Bayseitov, the team “Polyhedron”;
  2. Innovation College, the Novatus team;
  3. College of “Business and Service”, the team “TOPMEN”.

         The whole competition worked on the development of the logic of thinking, resolving situations and making independent decisions. This stage was supposed to receive answers to electronic questions on the basic basic knowledge of students in the field of accounting and economics.

           The IV stage of the game was very interesting, where the teams had to show a presentation (video, project): “How to increase the efficiency of the accountant.”

         The preparation of this task allowed the participants to understand the need to improve the work of an accountant in accordance with modern requirements.

         According to the results of the intellectual competition “Entertaining accounting” 1st place was assigned to the Polyhedron team, 2nd place – Novatus, 3rd place – Topman. Diplomas and prizes were awarded to the participants, and letters of thanks were given to the team supervisors.

           We thank all participants of the intellectual game for participating.