Vice-rector for research, international relations and innovation, associate Professor of the Department of Business and management, PhD orazgalieva Arailym Kanatovna won the Republican contest “Best teacher of the year”, organized as part of the Republican project “Best teacher” By the national innovative research center “Bilim-orkenieti” to support teachers of the country.

During the competition, the project participants confirmed their achievements in the field of education by scientific works published in national publications and journals included in the Russian science citation index (RSCI) and the international citation databases Scopus. The selection of applicants was conducted on a competitive basis. According to the results of the Republican contest, the autobiography of the winners was included in the collection.

The award ceremony of the Republican contest “Best teacher of the year” and the presentation of the book took place on February 19, 2020 at the house of ministries in Nur-Sultan.

Associate Professor of our Academy, doctor of PhD orazgalieva Arailym Kanatovna was awarded the badge “Best teacher of the year” and a diploma of the First degree. The winners were awarded by prominent Kazakh scientists and public figures of the country.
We sincerely congratulate Arailym Kanatovna on her victory!

We wish to always serve as an example of high educational standards and a brilliant reputation.

Ерасыл Даулетханов