Тhe 29th of  November in 2017, the Department of “Economics and Finance” organized a discussion about “Cultural and spiritual development of Kazakhstan”, the moderator was the head of the department “Economics and Finance” PhD Kadyrov B., PhD Aimkulov R., the organizers were the members of the “Baiterek” club and students of the specialties “Finance”, “Economics” and “SLG”. Speeches were made by the students of the group F-42 Rameev K., Mazhitov R, group E-11 Boranbai A, Kenzhebaeva D, Junis M., group F-32 Vladilen L. group F-21 Dusenbaeva J., F-22- Sembinov A , Amirgazin S.

The purpose of the event was to promote the ideas outlined in the president’s program “Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness,” developing students’ creative cognitive functions, discussing problems and risks in the spiritual and creative development of modern society, youth, and identifying measures to address them.

Questions were discussed about the importance of massive and accelerated English language teaching, openness and receptivity to the best achievements, a gradual transition of the Kazakh language into the Latin alphabet, an internal desire for renewal, a person’s competitiveness, and not the availability of material (financial) resources.

In general, the event was positive, the majority of the idea of ​​the transition from the  Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet was positively received. The participants of the conversation came to the conclusion that in the age of new technologies, new productions, knowledge of the English language will contribute to the nationwide progress of Kazakhstan