On April 13, 2018, conferences were organized and held following the results of the practice of students in the academic year 2017-2018 in the directions of the department (5В050600 “Economics”, 5В051000 “State and local administration “5В050900” Finance “, 6M050600” Economy “, 6M050900” Finance “)  in the classroom 205 the Department of Economics and Finance at Kazakhstan Innovative University.

The moderators were the head of the department “Economics and Finance” Kadyrov B.K.,the senior lecturer of the department «Economics and finance» Aimkulov R.A and a teacher of the department “Economics and Finance” Tokenov Duman.

The conference was attended by the teaching staff of the Department of Economics and Finance, as well as the invited guests: L.A. Lukenko-  the Head of the Support Department of Bank Center Credit, JSC, Semey; Sadyrbaev A.S.- the Head of the State Institution “Domestic Policy of the City of Semey”; KarashevZh.T. – the head of the excise department of the MSI of Semey; Shinzhin T.D. – The Head of “Semey Employment Center” and students of supervised specialties.

During the conference, the results of taking the practice of graduates were analyzed, the main problems of the organization of production and research practices in various organizations of the city were discussed and recommendations for their improvement proposed; The issues of employment of KIU graduates at the practice bases were considered.

At the conference the students not only shared their impressions which received during the practice, but also told that the theoretical knowledge obtained at the university greatly helped them when carrying out specific assignments of practitioners.

As noted by the guests, the leaders of the practice on the part of the organization, in general, the students were able to establish themselves as competent specialists, skillfully used their knowledge and skills in practice.

The invited experts expressed their opinion on increasing the efficiency of passing the production practice, as well as educational programs on the direction of the discussion, in particular, it was proposed to introduce the elective discipline “Risk Management in Banks and Other Organizations”.