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Congratulations on your victory!


The 5th of December in 2017, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan registered the exclusive property rights of the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor of  KIU Mukhamadiyeva A. on the object of copyright under the named “Formation of accounting thesaurus” in English (computer program – electronic textbook) and issued a certificate of state registration in rights to an electronic textbook Mukhamadiyeva Aizhan Argynovna, registered in the corresponding register and signed by the Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan E. Azimova.

   Mukhamadiyeva Aizhan Argynovna – the holder of the scientific scholarship of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “For talented young scientists” 2009-2011, the Bolashak grant, she is an intern at the University of California (USA, Santa Barbara). The author of 50 scientific and methodical works which were published in the overseas countries (USA, Austria).

In 2015, with the aim of realizing the state cultural project “The Trinity of Languages” and the preparation of highly qualified, competitive specialists with a language competence, mobile in the international educational space creates the author’s discipline “Formation of Accounting thesaurus” for students of economic specialties and successfully implements them in the educational process.

In 2016, Aizhan Argynovna won the Republican contest of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “The best teacher of the year”.

The KIU staff congratulates Mukhamadievа Aizhan Argynovna with another victory, wishes all the best and further creative successes in the scientific and pedagogical sphere.