Aigul Maratovna Kombarova, PhD, is a Vice-rector for educational and methodical work of Kazakhstan Innovative Academy. In 1994 she graduated from Semipalatinsk Technological Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry on speciality “Accounting, control and analysis of economic activity”, qualification “Economist”.

Since July 3, 1994 to August 28, 2006 she worked at the Semipalatinsk Financial and Economic College as a teacher and chairman of the cyclic commission of special disciplines.

On September 1, 2006 she started to work in the Kazakh Academy of Finance and Economics as a senior lecturer of the department “Finance”. From 2007 to 2010 studied PhD in Economics at the Kazakh Economic University named after T. Ryskulov, she defended her thesis on “Planning and organization of the budget process.” Scientific supervisor was Sh.R.Abdilmanova, Doctor of Economics, professor KazEU named after T.Ryskulov, director of Master’s Departmrnt of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Aigul Maratovna has authored more than 30 papers published in Kazakhstan and abroad, totaling more than 104 printed pages.

In 2007 she published the textbooks as “Tax and taxation” in collaboration with T.N. Kramarenko, “Practical savings on the budget”, in 2010 “Collection of tests on profession-oriented subjects” co-authored with A.M. Kamzina, approved and recommended for publication by the Ministry of Education and Science. For quality and creativity in the implementation of the state program of development of technical and vocational education in April 2009 she was awarded the Special Diploma by publishing house “Folio”.

Also she is the author of textbooks: “Workshop on the state budget”, 2006; “The budget and the budget process in Kazakhstan”, 2007; “Tax planning”, 2009; “Tax planning”, 2010 (in collaboration with A.K. Orazgalieva).

For success in training has been awarded: Letter of thanks of the Ministry of Finance, the Letter of thanks of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Health of the RK, Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan, Honorary Diploma of the Аkim of Semipalatinsk M. Chayzhunusov, Diploma of the Akim of Semipalatinsk N.Omarov, Honorary diploma of the Akim of East Kazakhstan region B.Saparbaev, Honorary diploma of the Akim of Semey A. Karimov.