On April 18, the Department of Economics and Finance organized and conducted a round table on the theme: “Reloading of the financial sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan: problems and prospects”.

The purpose of the event: Analysis and assessment of the financial sector: problems and solutions to them within the framework of the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. An employee of JSC “BankCentre Credit” was invited Lydia Alvisovna Lukovenko who is  the  head of office the department for support of activities. At present, JSC Bank Center Credit is one of the top banks for lending to the population.

Within the framework of the topic “Reloading the financial sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan: problems and prospects” the following students made their presentations and expressed their opinion: Dyusenbaeva Zhyldyz, gr.F-21; Miratova Aizada, gr.F-2; Amirgazin Sultan, gr. F-22; Kenzhebaeva Diana, gr.F-11, Sayyakova Aida, gr.F-41 and others.

Moderators of the event: Dyusenbayeva Zhyldyz and Amirzazin Sultan.

Muratova Aizada: It is necessary to complete the cleaning of the bank portfolio from “bad” loans. At the same time, the owners of banks should bear economic responsibility, recognizing losses.

Kenzhebaeva Diana spoke on currency mortgage loans of the population.

The following students also took an active part in the discussion: Anypayev A., Mautbekova M., Mukhametova A., Mukhametgalieva H.

This Message determines what we have to do for successful navigation and adaptation in a new world – the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.