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Авг 26, 2019

In order to identify the most gifted and talented students, consolidate and deepen knowledge and skills obtained in the course of theoretical and practical training, the Olympiad on disciplines “Economic theory”, “Microeconomics”, “Macroeconomics” was held on April 20.

Republican subject Olympiad on the discipline “Economic theory” was attended by students Tleubaeva Gulbakhyt (Count F-12), Boranbai Aidana (F-11) from the Kazakhstan Innovative University  with supervisor – Kadyrov Berik Kayipkanovich (PhD doctor, head of the department “Economics and Finance”).

The Olympiad was held in writing form. Students were given test tasks, compiled on the main sections and topics of the course of the discipline “Economic theory”. The solution of practical problems, which provided for the assessment of knowledge and skills of application and use of them, as well as the construction of graphs.

198 students of 22 universities of Kazakhstan participated in the work of the republican subject Olympiad, among them such as:

  1. University of Narhoz
  2. KazNU named after All-Farabi
  3. ENU named after L.Gumilev
  4. UIB University
  5. “Taran” University of Almaty
  6. Academy of Economics and Statistics of Almaty city
  7. SU Taraz named after M.H. Dulati
  8. Almaty Technological University
  9. Academy of “Bolashak” (the city of Karaganda)
  10. KazSA
  11. Kokshetau University. A.Myrzakhmetova
  12. University of Suleiman Demiril
  13. Taraz Innovative – Humanities University
  14. International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Ahmet Yassaui.

Our students adequately presented their high school, showing high knowledge in the field of economic theory, in the result both participants of the Olympiad were awarded with certificates, and G.Tleubaeva, a student of the group F.-12, won 3 place of honor (diploma of the third degree).