The 15th of  December in 2017, the Department of Economics and Finance held an event dedicated to the celebration of the professional event “The Day  of the National Currency and the Day of the Financier”.

In 1991, Kazakhstan gained its independence. Kazakhstani official symbols were created: flag, symbols and  anthem. The Constitution was adopted – Kazakhstani main Law. Also the last attribute of sovereignty was Kazakhstani national currency. the  12th of November in 1993, the President announced about the introduction of the national currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 15th of November, new money, tenge appeared on the territory of Kazakhstan, and on 11 November, the National Currency Day of tenge was declared the National Currency Day of tenge by  Head of State.

During the day the teacher of the department Duman  Tokenov conducted a game “Quest” among students. The purpose of the game is to provide the students’ interest in the learning process, by completing the quest. Students, who completed the tasks, were awarded with prizes.

The event dedicated to the day of national currency was opened by speech of the President of KIU, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Academician of KNAEN Apsalyamov N.,A.. The President congratulated teachers and students on their professional day.

TA veteran of banking, Nurbatima Orazalinova, was invited to the event. She spoke about many interesting facts of the national currency.

Teachers of the Department of Economics and Finance Rakhat  Aimkulov ,  Nurzhanat Adrisheva , Elmira Sarzhakova, Aygul  Dyusenbaeva were awarded anniversary medals in honor of the 25th anniversary of KIU.

A student of the F-31 group Aisha  Nurgelda was awarded a medal and entered in the encyclopedia “Best in Education” and a student of the group of the SLG –  41 Kuanysh Bokesov was awarded a diploma for the first place and a medal of martial arts, NOMAD MMA.

The students of the department took an active part, among them the students of the F-41 group Aida Sayyakova and Yersultan  Erkinuly with the song “Mekenim Kazakhstan”, the student of the group F-22 Ernat  Umyrbaev with the song “Botadai”, also the student of the group F-31 Fariza Temirbekova with Uzbek dance. The students of the F-32 group, who performed with the original song of the modern genre and with an incendiary dance.

The final number was made by the group F-42 with a wonderful congratulations, a sketch, a parody and songs about the university. Also, the students of the 4th year passed the passing cup to the third-year students symbolizing successes and achievements in studies.