May 9, 2018 the whole country will celebrate the bright holiday of multinational Kazakhstan in the great Patriotic war – Victory day. It is a holiday of happiness, joy, smiles, flowers and good mood!

Annually in KIU for the purpose of education of patriotism, love for the Homeland, respect for those people who won for us the Victory, the events devoted to two dates in the modern history of our country are held:the Victory Day and the defender of the Fatherland Day as a symbol of continuity of military Affairs, selfless service to the people. This year the event dedicated to the Victory of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war was organized by the Department “Economics and Finance” together with the students of our University.

The leading theme of the concert “the day of our Glory, the Victory day!”Dyusenbaeva Zhuldyz and Kapanov Erasyl, illuminating the difficult milestones of military history of our nation, appealed to the texts of memoirs, letters our brave, heroic soldiers. The program was heard songs of war and was presented the choreographic composition on a military subject in the performance of students of different specialties.

Judging by the applause, the audience really liked the performance of the students of group f-32 Nabiullinoj Aigerim, Baldanova of Batyrkhan, E. of Bukharkina, Zhunusbek Madiyar. Dressed in spring outfits boys and girls of the group famously danced a dance to the song “Katyusha”.

Special and sincere words were addressed to the veterans living among us.

They will always serve as an example of firmness, strong will for the younger generation.