On the 19 of March  MissNauryz 2018.was held at the Kazakhstan Innovation University

Purpose: To form the spiritual culture, customs and traditions of girls in the education of the Kazakh people, fostering kindness and respectfulness for  girls.

1 condition.Greeting. The participants  got acquainted with the jury members . (5min).2 condition. Talent. Participants demonstrate their talent (all kinds of talents, dance, song, expressive reading or needlework).3 condition. The participants demonstrated their spring image and gave it a name.4 condition. Intellectual game (presented on the board boxes to the participants provide a choice, in each box there is a question that they will have to answer).

At this event all pedagogues and students gathered at  assembly hall.

The Kazakh people described the girl as an example of kindness, decency and respect and beauty. Participants showed their talent to everyone. It would be desirable to note that one of the participants  student of the Department of Finance TemirbekovaFariza  struck everyone with her dance,. NursainovaNazerke showed her talent through cooking and presented a dish made by her own hands. 1-year student AteyevaElnazpresented  a modern dance. 2nd year student TaukenovaZhansaya  showed her talent in the art of reading of poetry. Thus, the girls showed their individuality to the audience and gave them a good mood.

In conclusion, the jury said their opinion on the event. Chairman of the jury SmagulovKanatBazenovich, said his opinio and introduced the results of the competition to all participants. Also, the jury noted that the girls are well aware of their customs and traditions, they have beauty and kind-heartedness. As a result of the contest, Miss Nauryz 2018 became by a second-year student of the psychology specialty TaukenovaZhansaya.As a result, the members of the jury  saidthairgratitudeto all participants  for  their beauty and good,  preserving  their traditions and customs,  being  creative personalities, gentle. This our spring event has come to an end. We thank our participants for their participation in the contest. Happy holiday.