There was a lecture provided by a senior lecturer from the economy and finance department, mr. Almaganbetov. There were two groups, such as U – 31 and U – 32 who participated the lecture. The lesson was about ‘the part of a government in a formation and regulation of a labour market’. There were special guests, such as mrs Chasovnikova M, the head of the department of the population employment in a city from the centre of employment in Semey city, and mrs Adilhanova D, the manager of the employment department in the centre.

The lecture covered introducing the basic direction of a new state program  from Kazakhstan about ”the deveopment of the productivities for  the population employment and businesses from 2017 to 2021” from 21.01.2017.

The students were interested in gaining more information and there was a bond between students, the senior lecturer and invited guests.  The lecture were attended by a pro – rector of the educational – methodical works, PhD Kombarova A., the dean of the economy and finance, PhD Kadyrov K, PhD Aimkulov R and Tokenov D.

The lecture  was very efficient.