November 23, 2016 in the Kazakhstan innovative universities under the supervision of a senior teacher of the department “Pedagogy, Psychology and Design” Baygundinovoy BI held an open practical lesson on “Epilepsy and the provision of first aid.” Outdoor lessons were Associate Professor, Ph.D. Bespaeva Iskakov GK and SZ Open lesson consisted of intellectual games, case studies and practical part.

The aim of practical training – urgent implementation of remedial measures required in sudden illness.

The last part of the students of PS-31-32 – Armanқyzy Әmina, Sayat Samal and Zhunusova Nazim demonstrated first aid skills.

Lesson was held at the highest organizational and methodological level. Summing up, the guests and participants of the lesson and shared their impressions.

Сиксимбаева Айгерім, ПС-31,32