The Kazakhstan Innovative  University hosted a job fair that was organized by the teachers of the Department of Economics and Finance Tokenov DS. Five organizations from the city of Semey were invited to participate in the field of finance, economics and state and local government. The event is held within the framework of the project “Ruhanizhangyru” and is organized to reduce the level of youth unemployment, help in finding employment for graduatesат the university.

This is an excellent opportunity for university graduates to study vacant positions in the desired industry for them and directly communicate with several employers in one place.

Employers’ vacancies are directly related to the specialties that our students study: economics and finance.

Representatives of organizations participate in the job fair: Homebank JSC, Kaspi Bank JSC, GU Department of Internal Policy, Semipalatinsk Meat Processing Plant LLP and SemeyCenter for Employment.

 The 20 students had a real chance to get a job. For example, representatives of “Kaspi Bank” during the job fair held interviews with graduates of the department “Economics and Finance”.