On the meeting of academic council of Kazakhstan innovation university, which was on the 22nd of February, the decision of assignment title of “Associated professor of KIU” to the senior teacher of the department “Psychology, pedagogy and design” Baigundinova Baglan Imangalievna was accepted.

Baigundinova B.G has been working in KIU from 2013. General experience of working in the system of high education is 27 years. She is successfully teaching 6 academic groups by 16 subjects: conflictology, medicine psychology, clinic psychology, practice by specialization-1, the basics of social- psychological training, psychophysiology in Russian language, age physiology and school hygiene, gender psychology in two languages, professional practical work-1, and psychophysiology in Kazakh language.

Baglan Imangalievna- high qualified specialist. The winner of the nomination “The best teacher of KIU 2016”. Her lessons provides on high science -methodical degree with using traditional and innovational methods of teaching and upbringing.

Baglan Imangalievna provides open lessons in academic groups, master – classes for young teachers in school for young teachers every year. Educational materials which was created by herself was introduced into the educational process and promotes rising of quality of knowledge of students. In 2018, students of specialization “Psychology” showed the result higher for 6.08 point than republical degree, and in 2017 higher for 19.9 points. In the rating of educational programs which provided by the Chamber Entrepreneurs “Atameken” by the task of Ministry of education, specialization “Psychology” took the first place in Semey and the second place in east Kazakhstan region.

Scientific research is one of the mainest aspects of Baglan Imangalievna’s occupation. The results of her researches published in International, republic, scientific conferences not only in Kazakhstan.

She is an author of 8 educational-methodical training manual, monograph “ The theory and practice of modern education” . She has 2 publications in magazine which is in rating of database Scopus, 10 publications in magazines recommended by the committee   of controlling the sphere of education and science, Ministry of education, 6 publications in RISQ, 10 reports in the international conferences.

In 2019 she took the certificate about introduction news in governmental registry, rights to the objects of copyright.

The students of her took the 1st place in student conference in 2016 and 2018 by her leadership.

Baglan Imangalievna’s pupils are thankful for her knowledge which helps them work successfully in many cities of our country. Kalieva L works in military unit in Semey, Samarova R works in ATC VKO, Akanova E- psychological centre in Astana, Tusupbaeva L- centre of mother and child in Astana and Kurmasheva A works in the educational system in Almaty.

As a member of curator’s council, Baglan Imangalievna provides a work by patriotical and moral education of students.

For many years in the system of education, pedagogue was awarded a sign “For hardworking” (2013), diplomas of Ministry of Education and akim of Semey, and diplomas from the president of KIU.

She is wondering hard worker, devoted to the higher school, initiative, wind minded person. Baglan Imangalievna has an authority from professional staff.

In this great and bright day, KIU’s team is congratulating Baglan Imangalievna with her new achievement. The team wishes all the best and more achievements in scientific and pedagogical occupation.

Bespaeva G.K, scientific secretary of KIU, the candidate of pedagogic science, associate professor