Experts in law |

Июл 26, 2020

On February 25, the Kazakhstan innovation Academy (KIA) held a competition “Experts in law” among students of Semey, organized by the Department of Law.

The purpose of the competition was to study the history of law, the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the formation of civil position of students.Also, the teachers of the Department were faced with the task of involving students in research activities, identifying gifted and talented College graduates, creating conditions for their self-realization.

“I am sure that our competition will help students to get deeper into the basic law of our country. Only by properly using our rights and fulfilling our duties, we will be able to build a democratic, legal state, ” the head of the Department, Ph. D. Elamanov S. H. said in his welcoming speech.the Organizers told about the significance of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, its history, and also reminded the participants about the rights and duties of modern youth.

After the preliminary qualifying round, two colleges competed in the final: “Higher humanitarian-legal and technical College” and “Higher College of civil protection»

The event was held in the form of an intellectual game, which consisted of 4 rounds:

Round 1-Language art. The children were given Proverbs where one legal word was hidden, which had to be translated into the state language.

Round 2 – Legal collage, where the teams were given envelopes with articles from the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but each of them was a real mess. The teams collected the fragments in one minute to read the article.

Round 3-7 riddles – knowledge of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Round 4-competition “about rights”. In this round, each team played song melodies, where players guessed the names of songs in a few minutes, singing a verse. The guys revealed the meaning of the songs and what rights they were talking about, as well as they guessed catch phrases from movies.

Teachers of the Department of Law summarizing the results of the competition, emphasized the participation of each team, while pointing out that College students showed in their responses legal knowledge and legal culture.

Results of the competition ” Experts in law»

I place-Higher humanitarian-legal and technical

II place-Higher College of civil protection

Team leaders were awarded letters of Thanks. For the participants of the Olympiad, the KIA student Parliament organized a tour of the University. KIA students prepared a small concert for the guests. Graduates had the opportunity to visit the courtroom, where the head of the Department of “Law”, Ph. D. Elamanovs.X told the children about the peculiarities of the legal profession and the prospects of working in the future.

We congratulate the contest participants, congratulate their managers, and invite graduates to become students of KIA next year.