October 30, 2018, the presidential student government elections were held at the Kazakhstan Innovative University. Four third-year students applied for participation in the presidential election. Preparation of candidates for the elections was at a high level. Conducted an active campaign propaganda work. Candidates in the university hall posted their election programs to familiarize voters.

In the pre-election period, meetings were held with candidates who defended their election programs, formed support groups and authorized representatives. Student Government Presidential Candidates: Zhumagulova Diana – a student of the J-32 group, a member of the student government, an excellent student, the second year nominated for the presidency of the student government. The winner of the nomination “Best Freshman – 2016” KIU. Samarkhanov Kazbek – student of the IS-31 group, head of the “Culture” sector of the student government. The organizer of student events KIU. Dyusenbaeva Zhuldyz – a student of the F-31 group, an excellent student, is the press secretary of the student government. And the fourth candidate, Shakenova Danelia, is a student of group J-32, a member of the student government, the headman of the group. The election commission began its work on October 30 at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Diana Zhumagulova was elected by a majority of votes.