Head of the Depatment: PhD, Kadyrov Berik

Telephone: +7 (7222) 56-08-75
Internalphone (ip): 128

Cabinet: 300
Adress: 071400 Republic of Kazakhstan, Semey city, Baiseitov str., 5


Educational and methodical work

Scientifically and research work



Department of “Economics and Finance” was formed by combining the “Finance” and “Economy”Departments in 2016.

Training of the financial and economic direction – one of the major objectives of the department which is carried out on two trajectories: bachelor degree and magistracy. Preparation of bachelors is carried out on specialties: “Finance”, “Economics”, “The public and local administration” and masters on specialties “Finance”, “Economics”.

Preparation of students and undergraduates conducted by highly qualified faculty members, into which enter such scholars as Erzhanov M. – Doctor of Economics Sciences, Alimbetov U. – Doctor of Economic Sciences, etc., being authors of educationguidances and monographs, numerous scientific articles. Also at the Department work:

– the experts having long practical experience of work, one of which is Almaganbetov B – the owner of an honorary title the “Excellent student of the RK financial service” holding a position of the chief of the municipal government of treasury of the Semey city;

– the scientists having PhD degree (the doctor of philosophy): Orazgaliyeva A, Erkinova S., Aimkulov R, Kadyrov B;

– masters of economics.

The department makes a certain contribution to improvement of teaching and educational process at university and provides compliance to its modern requirements.

The term of training in specialties of department 4 years on the basis of secondary education, 3 years on the basis of so-so special and 2 years on the basis of the higher education on internal and remote technology of training.

On these specialties in different years were issued more than one thousand experts of financial system working in various spheres, economics and public administration.

2010 the specialty “Finance” according to the rating of the national accreditation center took the 3rd place among higher education institutions of RK carrying out preparation in “Finance”.

Partners of department for long and fruitful years are: Xinjiang financial and economic university (Republic of China); Narkhoz of T. Ryskulov of Almaty; JSC «Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan», JSC «Kazkombank», JSC «Centrcreditbank», GU “Management of Treasury”, Government Institution “Management of State Revenues”, «Vostok-Broyler» LLP, GU “Department of Domestic Policy”, Government Institution “Jobcenter Semey”, Government Institution “Department of Business”.

Together with leading experts of data of the organization joint courses of lectures, seminars, round tables on exchange of experience, training, participations in the international scientific and practical conferences are held, memorandums of creative cooperation are concluded.

For high-quality training of specialists of the financial sphere, economics and public administration are created and functions branches of department in the following organizations: Government Institution “Managements of Treasury”, JSC «Bankcentrcredit», «Vostok Broyler» LLP, Government Institution “Department of Domestic Policy”.

In 2015-2016 academic year employment of graduates on specialties of department is made: “Finance” – more than 75%, “Economics” – 85,0%, “The public and local administration” – 100%.

Educational and methodical work

Improvement of quality of teaching, updating of the given courses, creation of educational and methodical literature in the center of attention of the faculty members. Special significance is attached to teaching and development of training materials in a state language.

Proceeding, from requirement of the market the department developed a number of special courses on various subject: “Risk management in the financial organizations” (Erkinova S.), “The financial markets and intermediaries” (Bushanov E., Aimkulov R.), “Tax control and organization of tax administration in RK” (LukpanovaZh.O.), “Insurance in tourism” (Baydildanova L. B.), “Investment activity of the enterprise” (Zolotareva S. V.), “Innovative business” (Kadyrov B.), “Resource-saving in economics” (Nefedova L.) and many others.

Are developed by forces of teachers of department and takes root into educational process various educational and methodical grants:

– educational grants with a signature stamp of Republican educational methodical seminar and MON RK – “Macroeconomics” (Aydarkhanov M. ); Insurance: theory and practice (Aimkulov R.);

  • electronic education guidances – “Macroeconomics” (Nefedova L., Kadyrov B.); “Planning of activity of the enterprise” (Kadyrov B., Almaganbetov B., Sayatova M.);

– the monograph – ” The tax system in the Republic of Kazakhstan in conditions of globalization: problems and prospects ” (Kadyrov B.).

On April 24, 2009 “Foliant” publishing house awarded the teacher Orazgaliyeva A. for high-quality implementation of the state program of release of textbooks and education guidances for secondary professional education.

At department in educational process such methods as are often used: a business game, a round table, the advancing doctrine, the Olympic Games, a quiz, brainstorming, the presentation, etc. Teachers of department in educational process are often trampled down by audio – and video technologies which play a large role in educational system.

Scientifically and research work

The organization of scientific work at Economics and Finance department is carried out on the basis of Calendar – Thematic Plan, also on the basis of a long-term plan of research work for 2015-2017.

Scientific and it is scientific – methodical work at department is performed on the following subjects: “Concept, methodology and methods of tax audit and tax consultation” (state regist. No. 0115PK01123), “Current trends in preparation of professional shots for the financial sphere of the country in the conditions of modernization of the higher education” (state registration No. 0115RK 01122).

Scientific knowledge of staff of department reveal through participation at conferences, round tables, seminars of various level.

Within performance of research work more than 100 scientific articles were published in collections of International scientific – practical conference , including article with a nonzero impakt-factor, in the recommended magazines Quality Control Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of the Ministry of Science, Republican Research Center bases; the theses and master theses according to applications of an orgaization having the practical and scientific importance with acts of introduction in production are performed workshops on preparation for Independent work of student, collections of test tasks which are successfully applied in educational process are developed.

Annuallyteachersofdepartmenttakeadvancedtrainingcoursesintheproductionorganizations, commercialbanks, inlandrevenuedepartment, treasury, insurancecompaniesandotherfinancialcreditinstitutions.

Were organized by forces of department such large international scientifically – practical conferences as: “Kazakhstan in a prism of the Euroasian integration” (2010); “Social and economic development of the region in the conditions of recession: role and value of higher education institutions” (2014); “Registration and financial problems and their decisions in the conditions of an unstable economic situation” (2016) on which scientists took part experts are practicians of the foreign and neighboring countries.

At department functioning the scientific circle “Baiterek” (Financier). This scientific circle was created for the purpose of activization of cognitive activity of students, instilling of skills to scientific activity, approbation of the scientific achievements, preparation for conferences and round tables.

  • Within a scientific circle the following events were held:

presentation of the business projects “Improvement of Investment Climate Priority Direction of Development of Regions of East Kazakhstan region ” (06.04.2016);

  • a round table with the invitation and participation of representatives of JSC Subsidiary of «Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan» on Life Insurance “Halyk-Life” on Semey on a subject “Management of finance: modern calls and Kazakhstan experience” (15.04.2016);
  • a round table ” Status and development of the financial sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan where students of 3-4 courses of specialty “Finance” were attracted;
  • an economic festival among colleges of the city on a subject “Experts on finance “.
  • students of specialty “Finance” and members of the scientific circle “Baiterek” (Financier) participated in the international scientific and practical student’s conference “Students Role in the Solution of Urgent Problems of the Present” on section “Innovative development of financial sector of Kazakhstan: a state, tendencies and prospects” where on a subject of this section were published – 4 articles (1,2 items of l.).