As part of the Academy’s mission to train competent and competitive specialists for the region and the country, it emphasizes the increased requirements not only for the level of professional training of personnel, but also focuses on the professional orientation of young people. To this end, on February 28, teachers and students of the Kazakhstan innovation Academy (KIA) once again took an active part in organizing and conducting a field concert in Beskaragai district to assist graduates in professional self-determination.

The following KIA employees participated in the professional consultant: rector of the Academy, PhD Kadyrov B. K., head of the Department of information and communication technologies, PhD Kurmangalieva N. K., head of the Department of pedagogical and social Sciences, PhD Zhakiyanova Zh. G., senior lecturer of the Department of business and management Urazalinov E. B., senior lecturer of the Department of law aitkazin E. M. and leading marketing specialist Syzdykova M. O. the visiting concert was attended by students of 1-2 courses, the student Parliament and the Kia propaganda team. The delegation was headed by the President of the KIA, doctor of Economics, Professor N. Apsalyamov.

In a beautiful hall, graduates of Beskaragai district gathered, before whom the KIA children performed a concert program, and teachers introduced school students to the educational programs of the University, answering questions, helping them make a choice not only conscious, but also objective. Now everyone understands that the most important condition for the successful development of the profession is the right professional choice, made taking into account such factors as the demand of the labor market. During the event, videos were shown with a story about the history of the University, and school students were provided with booklets in the state and Russian languages.

The audience thanked the students for the wonderful concert and the opportunity to learn about the University, especially they liked the performance of the propaganda team. We, the employees of KIA, were pleased to realize that we have such talented students studying at the University. Tired but happy, we returned to the city. Such field concerts with a career-oriented direction in district schools always take place in a peculiar way, where there is some kind of own, warm atmosphere. We thank the Deputy akim of the district Batalov B. Zh., employees of KSU More-vladimirovskaya high school, in particular, its Director Tileubekova G. K. for their cooperation. During the career guidance trip, a Memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Kazakhstan innovation Academy and akim of Beskaragai district Baibekov sh. z.

Entrant, take the first step to your future profession!