Head: Mukhamadieva Aizhan Argynovna

Phone: +7 (7222) 56-08-75
Inner telephone (ip): 120
Address: 071400 Republic of Kazakhstan, Semey, st. Baiseitova 5

Methodical work

Research work
Achievements of students


The history of training Accounting and economic direction of Kazakhstan innovative university has its origins in 1992.

Republic there is a shortage of young accountants, prepared in view of the changed economic conditions, the development of market economy, enterprises with growth of private ownership and the various forms of management. Since the opening of the university and is now the specialty “Accounting and audit” claimed by entrants.

In different periods of time the department was headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences: DT Zhumanova, LB Uzbakanova, AS Dayrabaeva. Currently, the department manages Ph.D. Mukhamadieva Aizhan Argynovna, the owner of “Bolashak” scholarship, which took an internship at the University of California (United States, Santa Barbara).

Chair of Partners for long and fruitful years are: Novosibirsk State Technical University. II Polzunova, Kazakh Economic University im.T. Ryskulov University Turan. Leading experts of these universities was conducted lectures, seminars, round tables to exchange experiences, participate in international scientific conferences.

Now the department trains bachelors in two specialties:

5B050800 – “Accounting and Auditing”

5V090200 – “Tourism”.

The department has a good material and technical base and qualified teaching staff, which allows students to receive high-quality professional knowledge and to become experts in the field of accounting and tourism.
Methodical work
Educational – methodical work aimed at ensuring the specialties of the department of educational-methodical and visual aids for the conduct of the educational process. Over the past three years, it has developed more than 100 training manuals, e-books and methodological guidelines for the implementation of practical training and SRSP.

Research work

The staff of the department “Accounting and Tourism” for three years working on the implementation of the methodology of scientific – research topic “Current trends in the training of professional personnel in the conditions of modernization of higher education” (state registration number 0115RK01122.). The name of the cathedral of research topics: “Improving the efficiency of educational process in higher education institutions through analysis of the quality of educational-methodical documentation.”

The purpose of the research topics: Research methods of preparation, structure and content of the teaching methods of disciplines in universities.

As part of the research topics annually publishes articles in scientific journals, conference proceedings, theses works are performed, produced textbooks.
Achievements of students

Students have a lot of achievements in this connection be awarded diplomas and scholarships are encouraged. For achievements in the student movement has been marked by the diploma of Akim of Semey Alpysbayev Kuanysh, as a student of 3rd year in 2005-2008. He received a scholarship of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In the period of 2005-2007. a high school student’s scientific club “Baiterek” chaired 3rd year student, specialty “Accounting and Auditing” Doldina Aigerim.

In 2009-2010. Chairman of student scientific club “Baiterek” was the 3 rd year student, specialty “Accounting and Auditing” Manahaeva Janelle.

In 2006, the 3rd year student, specialty “Accounting and Auditing” Alpysbayev Kairat won the city competition “The gentleman of the 21st Century.”

Over the years, students of the specialty “Accounting and Auditing” participated and won prizes in the city competition “Semey-aruy”. In 2006, the contest one of the nominations was awarded 2nd year student, specialty “Accounting and Auditing” Doldinoy Aigerim.

In 2007, in the category “Parasat aruy” won 1st year student, specialty “Accounting and Auditing” Ayasheva Akmaral.

In 2010-2011. students of “Tourism” specialty took part in beauty contests. So in 2010 a student Rashit Madina won one of the nominations in the city competition “Miss ZhasOtan”. And in 2011 the title of “Miss Semey” won the 1st year student, specialty “Tourism” Valery Pavlov. She represented Semey in December 2011 at the contest “Miss Kazakhstan”.

In 2010, the 3rd year student, specialty “Accounting and Auditing” Dukenov D. headed MOO Students Alliance of Semey city. Under his leadership, were held such events as the city: Families aruy Regional meeting of the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan (Astana, Pavlodar, Ust-Kamenogorsk), etc.

The department paid great attention to the research work of students, working scientific circle “Accounting Club.”

The main achievements of the members of the group are:

– 4th year students specialty “Accounting and Auditing” Manahaeva J. and E. Bandyukova won 3 prize in the Republican student subject Olympiad in 2010, which was attended by 36 students of Kazakhstan universities. The team at the specialty “Accounting and Auditing” as part of the students Nurseitova D., G. Kim, Iskakova MA won the nomination “Originality”.

– 2013 students 3 rd year student Group specialty “Accounting and Auditing” Kasimdzhanov D. Nikulshina A., A. smaylovyh participated in research projects and the competition took place at the republican level with the project “Implementation of the budgeting system in agricultural enterprises as one of the ways solutions management accounting problems, “won the nomination” Creative project. “

Students of the specialty “Accounting and Auditing” and “Tourism” talented and gifted personality, win prizes in music and creative competitions, actively involved in sports, have won awards.

The staff of the department “Accounting and Tourism” under the guidance of Head of the Department Ph.D. Mukhamadieva AA has the potential, trying to keep pace with the times, making every effort to achieve this goal.