On November 30, at the Kazakhstan Innovation Universiry a measure was conducted sanctifiled to the day of the first president.Celebrate was organization with department of «Psychology, Pedagogic and Design»

   We will remind that on the senate of parliament of Republic of Kazakhstan passed an act Desember 10,2011 «About bringing of addiction in the law of RK, about holidays in RK»In accordance with the document of Desember 1 was declared the day of the first president.

   The post of president  was founded on April 24,1990 on meeting of supreme  soviet SSR, in this position it was select NursultanNazarbayev.OnDesember 1,1991 as a result of the first national election he was select again.He collected 98,7 %.After 10 days president signed a law on renaming of the Kazakh SSR in the republic of Kazakhstan. On Desember 16,1991 supreme soviet proclaimed independence of Kazakhstan.

  In honour the day of the first president teachers, employes of university were the recipients of an award the medals of «Kiu -25». The parents of students were marked thanks letters. The high achievers of studies , were marked leaters, prize winners of Olympiads. Active voice in organizations of measure was accepted by students of MakhatovaAidana, HapanAidana, KazhymoldinaAigerim and TanarberdinovaDana.Students showed video about life of president , musical compositions from favourite of NazarbayevN.A.showed the  stage «Single country  – my Kazakhstan»,symbolizing unity of people.