Biology Olympiad |

Фев 19, 2020

December 6 in Kazakhstan innovative university there were many guests. It is in this day in the university was held Olympiad in biology for students of classes 9 and 11 schools in the city, organized by the Department of Education, Psychology and Design. In the competition was attended by the following students from 9 schools in the city:

School № 12 – 4: Petrov Lydia Arhatova Asel, Rahimov Tamil Yertayev Aynur

School № 29-2: Nurgaliyev Ayauylym, Alimabaeva Assel

School № 47-3: Council Ayauylym, Tleutaeva Erkezhan, Daulethanova Ayauylym

School № 32-1: Ergalieva Camila

School № 9-1: Reshetnikov Love

School number 18 -3: Asset Aidan Mingaleeva Hope Trojans Nikita

School № 43-2: Snegerova Tatiana, Murmuhambenov Temirlan

School № 21-4: Myrzahanova Inkar, Orynhanova Inkar, Baltabek Karla, Seyylgazieva Akerke

School № 26-4: Kasymov Togzhan, Kasenova Alua, Mukushev Nurbolat, Zhakupova Aidan

Greeted the guests acted as Head of Department, Associate Professor Zhakianov ZH..G that acquainted the guests with the aim and purpose of the Olympic Games and wished good luck to every participant.

Olympiad was held in two rounds: on the subject of computer testing and intellectual quiz.

Between rounds of the Olympiad participants a tour of the university was set up.

At the end of tour places olympiads were distributed as follows:

1st place – Council Ayaulym (school № 47)

2nd place – Trojans Nikita (school № 18)

3rd place – Ergalieva Camilla (school № 32)

The winners of the Olympic Games and their leaders were awarded certificates.

It is worth noting that all participants were satisfied with the organization of the Olympic Games, conduct and honest and fair judging.