The fight against corruption is defined as one of the main priorities of state policy in Kazakhstan. On October 19, a round table was held with students of 1-4 courses on the theme “Fighting against corruption and preventing offenses” in order to form students’ anti-corruption worldview at the Kazakhstan Innovation University.

 Doctor  of  political  sciences , head of the department “Jurisprudence” Bukhayev A.A was  addressed with a welcoming speech the students. She spointed that overcoming corruption is one of the main directions of state policy for Kazakhstan, the priority of which is clearly indicated by the Head of State NA Nazarbayev. In the Address of the President of the country “Strategy Kazakhstan -2050: a new political course of the state” as one of the priorities of the country is called the fight against corruption.

During the round table, the main articles of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Anti -Corruption” were discussed. Students of the final course of the specialty “Jurisprudence” Kadyshev M., Baymukhametov J. made reports “On the prevention of corruption among the youth “International legal definition of corruption.” Students focused on measures to counter corruption, establish legality and anti-corruption discipline among students, talked about the need to educate youth in the spirit of counteracting corruption phenomena.

The third-year student of the specialty “Psychology” Armankyzy A.   pointed in her speech that corruption  not only harms the society, but also does not guarantee the result, since the corrupt scheme benefits the one who can give more. The occupation by corrupt activity brings damage to the person himself and his relatives, deformation of the world outlook.