On February 24, the Abay library held an information and educational hour “al-Farabi-an outstanding thinker of the East” for teachers and students of the Kazakh innovation Academy (KIA), organized by the Department of information and communication technologies. The event was timed to coincide with the 1150th anniversary of Abu Nasr al-Farabi.”Al-Farabi will be called the second teacher after Aristotle,” reminded the students of the head of the Department of ICT, Dr. N. K. Kurmangalieva. ” He read philosophical and scientific works in the famous Otyrar library, which was considered the second in the world in the number of manuscripts after the famous library of Alexandria.”

The library staff introduced the audience to the biography and scientific activities of the scientist. Of particular interest were the legends about al-Farabi, on the basis of which his biography was compiled. In the form of a presentation, some facts of his life were presented, for example, al-Farabi wrote comments.
to all the works of Aristotle, the educator’s contribution to musicology is considered significant. In this direction, he created the “Great book of music”, in which he systematized information about Eastern and ancient Greek music, and many others.

The video “Wisdom of the ages” visually supplemented the biographical data of the scientist and thinker, made a historical and household flavor of the era in which al-Farabi lived.

The book exhibition presented at the event introduced students to biographical books about the scientist, his works on philosophy, logic, cognitive abilities, state and legal views, mathematics, and many other fields of science. The review of the book exhibition was supplemented by biographical information about the thinker in Anuar Alimzhanov’s book “the Return of the teacher”, which in 2020 was selected as the book of the year in the “One country – one book”campaign.