On February 24, 2018 the training center of  “KIU SDC” organized the training seminar “Leadership energy – the energy inside us “! by Ruslan Kalimullin.  This training seminar is recommended not only for businessmen and managers, but for everyone who aspires to be successful both in business and career, and in personal strategy and everyday life. To those who choose the Strategy for achieving the goals. It  is Winners Strategy.For 8 hours, the following blocks were considered:Block 1. Emotional competence of the leader in businessPsychology of leadership;What is  the intellect of the leader make of?Introduction to EQ and EQ-leadership;Many questions and  only one answer: EQ – is the basis of personal effectiveness!
Block 2. Leadership as a life strategy is the basis of your personal effectiveness. Leadership energy: the difference of potentials “minus-plus” and orientation to the future results; The picture of the leader’s world and markers; Increase personal effectiveness (ability to achieve goals with minimal resource costs);Elimination of barriers and limiting beliefs towards the goal;Global vision;Sources of energy and inspiration;Understanding of their mission and mission of  the leader.Block 3. The goal-setting in leadership: how to achieve results easily?Goals setting: 100% orientation to achieve the result;Identification of subjective perception of space-time;Creating an effective vision for the direction of development;Resource purposes;Modern technologies of goal-setting (setting and achieving goals).8 hours passed quite dynamically, because not only theory, but also practice was used.