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Congratulations on the appointment of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan scholarship !!!


According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan №148 from 12.04.18 “On the distribution of the scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan between higher educational institutions for 2018” five students of the full-time 3-year education course in the specialty 5B070300 “Information Systems” Baltabaev Aisultan, Kaisarinova Nuray, Kunkel Madina, 5B070400 specialty ” equipment and software »Blasbaev Bilimzhan, specialties 5В050300″ Psychology “Rakhymbekova Dinara awarded scholarships of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev.

This scholarship is assigned to students who study only “excellent” (A, A-), actively engaged in research work, having publications in collections of scientific papers, in national and international scientific journals, participating in the social, cultural and sport life of the organization of education .

The candidates were selected according to these criteria. All students are excellent students. All of  them are  awarded with the certificates of the president of the university for excellent studies and active participation in public life of the university.

Future programmers Baltabayev Aisultan, Kaisarinova Nuray, Kunkel Madina, Blasbaev Bilimzhan – prize-winners of student conferences, Asian Students Forum of the Association of Asian Universities (Barnaul, September 21-25, 2016). The participants of the annual regional IT-Olympiad, competition of students’ scientific projects in the direction of “IT-technology” as part of the “Factor-Group” team, have certificates. The project “Energy-saving method of controlled lighting using” green “technology in KIU, executed by students, is awarded with a diploma of 1 degree. Their works are published in the collection of materials of the student scientific conference devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On April 13, 2016, Baltabayev Aisultan delivered a report in English “Nanotechnology in medicine” in the student’s scientific conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence . In the 2015-16 academic year, he won the “Intellectual of the Year” nomination.

Rahymbekova Dinara was awarded with the 1 st degree diploma for the scientific project “The influence of trilingual training on the formation and formation of a competitive and competent psychologist” in the student scientific and practical conference “Student science and its contribution to the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2017), a letter  of  thanks for the report in the student scientific-practical conference of 2018year.

Students took an active part in the public life of the university. Blasbaev Bilimzhan – in 2016-2017 academic year was elected president of the student government of KIU. As a result of the academic year, he became the winner in the nomination “The Activist of the Year”. Kunkel Madina is a member of the KIU student government sector.

Rakhymbekova Dinara and Kaisarinova Nuray are diplomats of the city show of amateur art groups.

Teachers of the university are proud of their students. Their active public position, they contribute to strengthening the image of the university in the region. We wish the students and their parents health, happiness, prosperity, success in study and work for the benefit of our country’s prosperity.