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Interesting Intelligent IT Week


Within the framework of the week of “Information Systems and Computing” department many events were held. In particular:

1. 12.02.18 at 13:00 pm Almabayev D.Zh. held an open lecture for the IS-12 group. Lecture on the topic: “Practice of Differentials” was held at the highest level.

2. 12.02.18 at 10:40 Nurkenova ZB conducted a practical work on the subject “Information Networks” for group ВТ-31.

3. 14.02.18 at 14:00 in the framework of the week of the Department of “Information Systems and Computing” the subject Olympiad was held on disciplines “Mathematics”, “Physics”. Responsible persons: Kurmangalieva NK, Smagudov K.B., Almabayev D.Zh.

4. 16.02.18 at 14:00 Nazarova V.V., Kurmangalieva N.K. conducted a competition of research projects among colleges and schools on the topic: “My future profession for Digital Kazakhstan”. The competition was interesting and intriguing.

I place “DO IT” from “Business and Service College”. II place – “Easymoney” from “electronic college” named after Zhaki Chajzhunusov. The III place was awarded to the “Scripts” team from “Kaynar” college.

Olympiads on “Physics” and “Mathematics” consisted of II stages. At the first stage, the computer responded to test questions with several correct answers, and 70% of the respondents were given the correct answer. At the second stage 25 test questions were.

The Olympiad is aimed at promoting the interest of graduates in the field of mathematics and physics for career guidance, identifying the future prospects of the candidates, introducing them to higher education institutions, strengthening communication with school graduates and Kazakhstan Innovative University. The Olympiad was attended by 62 graduates from 15 schools, including 30 students in Physics and 32 students in Mathematics.

Places in physics

Full name Teachers Schools Places
1. Matimov Madi Kusainuly Kashtekova Marzhan Bazarbaevna №37 I Place
2. Mirgorod Kirill Sergeevich Melnikova Elena Vladimirovna №2 I I Place
3. Ivanov Vladislav Toktbaev Erdenbek Sanyazovich №30 I I Place
4. Rashid Aruzhan Ardaevna Akhmetova Toleugaysha Amirgazievna №37 I I I Place
5. Kozhakhmetov Nurzhan Omarova Aliya Chakenovna №31 I I I Place
6. Zeinulin Danil Polezayeva Alla Valerovna №1 I I I Place

Places in mathematics

Full name Teachers Schools Places
1.1 Kasymzhanova Asel Kanatovna Baymaganbet Zhadyra Kosherbayevna №37 I Place
2. Muzdibaeva Guldana Kayrollaevna Amina. Zhumagaliyeva №34 I I Place
3. Timur Mirkhatovich Meirhambekova Fatima Semeykanovna №4 I I Place
4. Mendezkeeva Renata Rinatovna Kambysheva Kenzhezia №12 I I I Place
5. Altaeva Aizhan Zhumabekovna Zhaspanov Zharmash Kuandykovich №37 I I I Place
6. Diaz Maidanbek Kusainov Talgat Meirzhanovich №16 I I I Place