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Day of Languages in KIU


Since 1998, in September an important holiday-Day of languages ​​of the people of Kazakhstan is celebrated in our country. In these days, there are a lot of contests, concerts, meetings.

Annually this holiday is celebrated in our university. This year it was a literary-cognitive evening “Ana tilde aitylmagan syrym bar”. Students in order to demonstrate the policy of triplingualism, read Abai’s poems. In different languages, students sang about the main thing-about love for the Motherland, about their country. Each speech was filled with cognitive information. By the day of languages, a thematic book exhibition has been launched in the library. The main goal is to cultivate patriotism, love and respect for the languages, traditions of all peoples.

In conclusion, the vice-rector on internalization 6 socialization and  educational  work doctor PhD Orazgalieva AK, spoke about the relevance and significance of the event.